What is the core purpose of this platform?

We want to help artists to get noticed, and we want to help influencers discover music. We started as a music promotion company, and we have seen many tracks which are amazing but have not been discovered yet. Our goal is to get these tracks discovered, that is what we want to contribute to the industry.

What is a tastemaker?

A tastemaker is a YouTube channel which is uploading tracks, SoundCloud channel, Spotify playlist, blog, label, DJ or radio show. These parties can help producers to promote their music. 

Why can’t I select multiple tastemakers at once?

At DaimoonMarket, we know that the core of the business is to have a good network within music. We deeply care about creating new relationships. When producers take time to check out the tastemakers and what they are doing, chances are higher that both parties will have a good interaction and a better relationship.

How do I promote my track by using this platform?

First you just select the medium where you wanted to promote your music at.

Does a tastemaker get back to me if the track is denied or accepted?

Yes, in both situations will the tastemaker let you know if the track got denied or accepted. In some cases, the tastemaker can send a personal message, or choose a pre arranged message.

Can I sign up myself as a tastemaker?

Yes, you can sign up yourself and your brand by using this contact form on the contact page

How do I higher my chances to get noticed?

Personal contact is key on this platform. Before you send a track, check out the tastemaker their profile, and try to find something you really like. If you make an honest compliment about it, the chances are higher to get a positive response. 

I have multiple tracks which I want to promote

Sorry, but currently we do not multiple tracks to submit at once. Just make sure you choose the best track.

What is an aggregator?

This is an external party which can put your track on Spotify, Shazam, iTunes, Google Play Music, and many more streaming platforms/stores. Very important if you are serious about your career. 

Does it cost any money?

No, all functions on the platform are 100% free.

Do you support other formats then only SoundCloud?

No currently we only accept SoundCloud URLs. We only accept private URLs.

What happens with data of producers?

The data of a producer will only be collected by an influencer if the influencer accepted or denied a track of the producer.